Review of End Of The Line.

I read this book in a day. Once I picked it up I couldn’t stop. The storyline pulled me in deeper and deeper, my need to find out what would happen next driving me onwards.

The End Of The Line is a thrilling tale of magic and the depths people will go to in order to harness the raw power of it, even summoning a demon. But for Amanda Coleman magic is the root of all evil. Her father was a powerful Abra – the name given to powerful, magical practitioners- he used his power to get what he wanted, both for himself and others, by using Amanda and her mother’s blood to enhance his abilities. But one day Amanda snapped and killed him, earning her the legendary title of Abra killer.

Amanda and her associates are con artists and they go on heists for their criminal boss, but when he dies and a younger newcomer takes over the gang the crew are hired to trap a demon and banish it in a remote part of Siberia. The cost of doing so will take everything they have, including the lives of their loved ones.

Well worth a read. Highly recommended.

Review of Broken Elements

The fantasy genre is becoming my favourite genre, so I looked forward to reading this book. It did not disappoint. It is well written and the author uses clever language to explain her characters and their powers in a way that makes sense to the story line, and does not come acoss like a reference section!

Written in the first person the story follows Aidan Brook, a water elemental, who has lived in solitude for a decade. She left her old life in Lake Tahoe behind after she could not prevent the deaths of three people who got caught up in a murder spree her and her best friend, fire elemental Sera, were unwittingly caught up in.

But now Sera has found her and she has some terrible news to share; their mutual best friend, Chris, was murdered recently and his murder bears all the hallmarks of the killings ten years earlier.

The book follows Aidan and Sera as they link up with a couple of other elementals and a couple of shapeshifters all hell bent on finding the killer and bringing him to justice.
The book was a thrilling read and I found I could not put it down.

Early on in this book I thought to myself “I know who the killer is” but then dismissed my thought. Later on when the killer’s identity is revealed I discovered I had been right after all. That does not mean the author made it obvious who the killer is, I just had a gut feeling when I read a certain paragraph.

This book was a joy to read, compelling, thrilling and difficult to put down! Thoroughly recommend giving it a read – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

***** 5 stars!!!!!

Review Of Voodoo On the Bayou

Craig Thibodeaux is the ultimate ladies man.  Commitment is a dirty word to him.  That is until he dates the granddaughter of a Voodoo Priestess.    Madame LeBieu casts her magic on Craig, he will be a man by night and frog by day, unless he finds love.  The one snag is he must do so by the full moon – which is only a couple of weeks away!!!  If he doesn’t find love by then he will remain a frog forever.

Elaine Smith is a scientist in New Orleans.  Involved with a man who is cheating on her she decides to come to Bayou Miste after receiving an anonymous sample claiming there is pollution in the lake and it is killing the wildlife.  Elaine sees it as an opportunity to get away from her cheating ex, by burying herself in her work.

The story is fun and entertaining.  Madame LeBieu’s granddaughter sounds awful and I felt sorry for Craig; he was trying to do the right thing by her, but his reputation as a ladies man meant Lisa’s lies would be believed, causing the ultimate trouble for Craig.It is heartwarming to see Elaine come out of her shell, as well as Craig fall hook, line and sinker for Elaine.  There are some really great characters in this novel, as well as some slimey toads!!!

This is a great and fun read for lovers of this genre.

Rating = 4 stars ****

Recommended for all lovers of this genre.

Review of Beyond Shame.

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Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha.

Before reading this book I read through the reviews.  The book is dubbed naughty and explicit, and yes, OK, it is.  But if you have read Fifty Shades Of Grey then this book is not that much different.  Obviously the plot is different, the story is built around Noelle Cunningham, a young woman who has been kicked out of a futuristic city called Eden.  The story follows her progress from her walk of shame, to her chance meeting with Jasper McCray, her involvement with Lex – a character who made me think of Nancy from Oliver Twist, and Dallas O’Kane, gang leader of the O’Kane gang in Sector Four.

I have to say I was very disappointed with the end of the book, obviously there is to be a sequel so hopefully that is going to tie up the loose ends created towards the end of this book.
Overall it is a fairly decent read, given the amount of sex in it.  But, if you have already familiarised yourself with this genre then you aren’t going to be too shocked by the contents of this book.
I couldn’t decide on the main character – Noelle – at first; she seemed quite an oddity, but the further you get into the book she does start to make sense.

Despite huge sections relating to sexual encounters and BDSM there is a pretty good plot that grips the reader.  There are quite a lot of unanswered questions and I am hoping the sequel is going to deal with those.  This first installment barely scratches the surface of the world that the O’Kane gang inhabit, but you do find yourself wanting more of the story as you read through it.

Sometimes books in this genre are ruined by such explicit content, but this book relies heavily on it and it does add weight to the storyline.  I think without it the plot would be a lot poorer.

Enjoyable read.  **** 4 stars.

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The Love OF My (Other) Life.

The Love Of My (Other) Life by Traci L Slatton.

The Love of My (Other) Life 

I requested this book from NetGalley as it combines two passions of mine – and romance. 

Tessa is a struggling artist who helps out with the elderly care programme at her local church. She should get paid for this, but the church are lacking in funds and Tessa feels very strongly that this is something she should do, regardless of whether she gets paid or not.

Brian is a professor from an alternative universe. He has traveled to this universe via a decoherence device that he invented as he wanted to see Tessa. Tessa is his wife in the parallel universe.

At first Tessa thinks Brian is a crazy, homeless guy who is stalking her, especially when he he produces a photograph of the two of them on their wedding day. Also in that picture is Tessa’s best friend, Offee. Offee is out of the country on a yoga retreat and when Tessa rings him up to ask about Brian he tells her that he knows who she means, claiming he is a crazy professor who had a breakdown after stalking a woman he was obsessed with. This alarms Tessa and she challenges Brian about this. He kisses her and she feels a spark of something between them, so instead of giving him a wide berth she starts a fling with him.

Tessa and Brian embark on a whirlwind adventure of art theft, becoming unlikely celebs on youtube, a run in with a very shady criminal which results in Tessa getting arrested. Whislt in custody Tessa meets three prostitutes who have also been arrested and they give her lots of advice, some of which she takes later on. She also negotiates her own release, a new career and a sting operation that captures the shady criminal.

Eventually Brian has to leave, by which time Tessa has become very fond of him. She doesn’t want him to go but he tells her he must and asks her to live her life.
Once he has gone Tessa begins to enjoy her new career and the new life she has craved out for herself. She even plucks up the courage to approach the Brian from her own universe to ask him out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

**** 4 stars.

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