Review Of A Man Like Mike.

A Man Like Mike



This book is a romance novel  by Sami Lee.  It follows the same format as most novels from this genre and is a pretty good novel if you are a fan of this genre.

The book is about Eve O Brien and Mike Wilcox.  Eve’s best friend, Jacinta, was married to Mike’s brother, Derek, until they died in a tragic accident.  After their deaths Eve became sole guardian of their son, Bailey, and Mike inherited the house.  Mike let Eve and Bailey live in the house on their own whilst he was travelling overseas.

One day Mike returns and moves back into the house – into the attached apartment – unnerving Eve somewhat.  She hasn’t had a brilliant relationship with her best friend’s brother in law so far, so she is nervous about sharing a house with him.

The story charts their coming together, in a slow and gentle manner, whilst dealing with Eve’s own turmoil from her past and her learning to trust and love Mike.  A well written book, lovely read and the obligatory happy ending sees me give this book 5 stars *****

Review Of Makeover Miracle.

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An easy story to read. I connected with the main character – Abbey – right away. Whilst some readers might find it hard to believe that an ordinary woman like Abbey could get with a high profile TV producer, the story does offer hope to the countless millions of us ordinary women who believe we have to be stick thin to succeed in life.

I give this book full marks – five stars ***** – for addressing the issues of low self-esteem, lack of confidence and distorted body image. When heroines are normal, curvy women, or even women who are slightly overweight then you know the story is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Great read for all lovers of this genre.


Review of Second Chance

Second Chance by Carla Caruso, Kindle version

I loved this book from start to finish.  The main character, Flora, was pretty likeable, although I did want to shake her a few times when she was swooning after Ruben.  There were plenty of comparisons to life now and life in the mid nineties, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how far we have come in terms of technology.  It would be pretty cool if we could all go back and right a wrong turning we took in life!!!

Rated 4 stars ****

Review of Wild At Heart.

Wild At Heart is a romance novel by Charmaine Ross and published by Penguin Books Australia.

Victoria Price, a park ranger in the Australian outback, is like a female crocodile Dundee.  Dan Masters is a TV producer and definitely not at home in the outback.  Whilst filming a documentary Dan and his crew come into difficulty and Victoria has to save him from the jaws of a crocodile.
Dan is impressed by Victoria’s skills and knowledge of nature and the area and he wants her in his documentary.

Wild At Heart is an action packed romance novel, I loved the wildlife facts that were such an integral part of the story.  The romance side of the story was quite gentle, which I think suited the story better than if they had engaged in a mad, passionate affair.  The balance was just right, I felt.

Overall a pleasing read for lovers of this genre.

Review of Seducing The Secret Heiress.

Seducing The Secret Heiress is a Romantic Novel by Jennifer St. George.  The book is published by Penguin Books Australia, Destiny Romance.

Charlotte Wentworth has fled her home after discovering her fiance cheating on her.  She winds up in Italy, where she rescues a little girl from the sea.  The uncle of the girl is so grateful to her that he asks her to stay with them when it emerges that Charlotte’s solitary backpack has been nabbed from the beach, whilst saving the young girl’s life.  Not wanting to reveal her true, and famous identity, Charlotte calls herself Charlie Brown.

From pretty diamond heiress to sassy reality show contestant, Charlie learns to stand on her own two feet, wowing the audiences of a reality TV show in the process.  She has given Gabe the brilliant idea of a cookery show talent contest and he wants her in it.  Charlie agrees, seeing it as a way to earn some money for herself after her family and fiance cut off all  access to her funds.

As the story unfolds Charlie and Gabe grow close and attracted to one another.  Throwing a spanner into the works is a spoiled actress ready to dish the dirt on Charlie’s true identity when she realises who she is.  Charlie manages to win the audience over, just in the nick of time, but has she lost Gabe forever?

A really good story line that keeps the reader gripped.  Very modern and current and in touch with today’s audiences.  A joy to read.

10/10  Would definitely recommend this read.  A must for all lovers of this genre.

Yours At Midnight.

Yours At Midnight is a romantic novel about Lyric Whetstone and Quinn Sobel.  It is a lovely, gentle tale of love and regret and finding love again.  It follows the usual format of this genre.  It is written by Robin Bielman and published by Entangled Publishing LLC.

My view on the book:

The first thing that struck me when I began reading this book was the very odd name of the heroine – Lyric.  Putting that aside I delved into the book and enjoyed reading it.  The story was set in the period of time between Christmas and New Year – I could picture the family during this time in my mind’s eye as I read the book.  Some books that are set during the festive period can get too caught up in the whole Christmas thing, and there isn’t enough story, but this book was not guilty of that.

Lyric has a secret and she also has feelings for Quinn.  Quinn also has feelings for her and we get his point of view throughout the book, which I loved.  I felt it was a nice touch, it helped move the story along for the reader to have Quinn’s point of view and not just Lyric’s.

There is a love triangle throughout the storyline and it creates a really good conflict throughout.  The reader obviously knows the guy is going to get the girl, but it’s all about the journey they take to get there and some books are pretty flat, this one created just the right amount of conflict for a couple who were so obviously besotted with one another.

One thing that did surprise me was how late in the book it was before Lyric’s secret was out.  Usually with this sort of thing the secret is out pretty early on and the story moves along quite nicely on the back of this.  That said, this story manages just fine without having the secret revealed early on.  It does give the story a different feel, which is good.

Overall, this book was a good read.  Not the sort of book one would read unless they were interested in romance novels, but for fans of the genre a pretty satisfying read.  On a scale out of ten, I am giving this book 8/10.  A nice modern feel to it makes it a pleasing read.  The love triangle keeps the conflict going right until the end, and Lyric’s secret remaining intact helps too.  Having Quinn’s point of view also keeps the reader engaged.
The only disappointment I have, is that once Lyric’s secret is out there just wasn’t enough conflict over it for my liking.  I felt that with a little more conflict over what is revealed the book would have gone from a pleasing read, to a rivoting read.

Recommended for all lovers of this genre.