Review of 365 Blessings To Heal Myself And The World.

As the title implies, 365 blessings. One for every day of the year. From my point of view this is a great book to help with a positive mindset. The idea being you read one of the blessings each day and it sets you up to embrace the positive vibe it’s created.

There are blessings for everything and everyone. From blessing your neighbour, to the nurses and the journalists. A blessing for a new home, to a blessing for food. From a blessing to have the courage to follow your own path, to a blessing on giving up the desire to control.

At first I felt it may become a little too God centred, but as I read on I realised the blessings encompass any faith, even those termed new age. This book is definitely one you can dip in and out of time and time again. In an age where positive thinking is at the forefront of the minds of many people this book is a must have.

Definitely recommended.

Book Review of Goddess 2.0 by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate.

Goddess 2.0 is an anthology of Goddess teachings and thoughts on the Goddess by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate and over 20 other writers. In this anthology, each author shares with the reader their thoughts on life following Goddess worship, as well as how allowing the Goddess into their lives not only enriches lives but also how a life following the Goddess allows us to be more compassionate to ourselves, other people, and the world in general. What this book offers is hope to all of those people who are looking for an alternative way of life and worship to what the current patriarchal way of thinking offers.

Many subjects are covered in this book, they are as follows:

The Resurgence of the Feminine and the Awakening of the Soul by Anne Baring.

Power by Barbara Walker.

The Dark Goddess in the 21st Century: Facing Our Final Destination by Cristina Biaggi.

Feminist Theology as a New Religion by Shirley Ann Ranck.

Goddess Based Morality of Women’s Health; Abortion and Healthcare by Starhawk.

Goddess at the Center, Goddess Everywhere by Nancy Vedder-Shults.

One Small Step by Linda Iles.

Becoming the Priestess or Priest of Isis by M. Isodora Forrest.

21st Century Ministry by Rev. Dr. Patricia Iolana.

The GoddessAwaits by Bob Gratix.

Reviving The Serpent; Symbol of Regeneration by Amy Peck aka Amalya.

On Building Bridges, Not Walls: A Goddessian – Christian – Muslim Perspective by Trista Hendren.

The Mother of All the Living and Societies of Peace by Carol P. Christ.

What’s Good for Women is Good for the World: Foundations for a Caring Economy by Riane Eisler.

Reawakening Our Earliest Sacred Stories by Karen Tate.

Columbia: America’s Forgotten Goddess by Andrew Gurevich

Veganism: The Most Powerful Antidote To The Dominator Paradigm by Charlotte L. Cressey.

Activism and the Dark Aphrodite: Battling Oppression and Fascism in Greece by Harita Meenee.

Lillith Meets The Green Man by Elizabeth Fisher.

Goddess Ethics in Action by Bob Fisher.

Economics of Goddess Spirituality; Interconnection and Social Justice by Starhawk.

Women and Politics by Delphine DeMore.

What Does The Goddess Have To Do With Politics? by Tabby Biddle.

In this book, you will not get your usual fare of lists of Goddess names with explanations of which pantheon they belong to etc. This book talks about the Goddess in a generic sense, rather than an individual Goddess, except for a couple of articles where the authors have specified a particular Goddess by name. This book helps us to understand that Goddess worship, and following the path of the Goddess can be extremely fulfilling and integrate perfectly with every aspect of our lives.

For instance, Starhawk argues that healthcare is a moral issue and that it must be given universally, not just to those who can afford it. This is a topic that affects many people worldwide and the author’s argument can teach us that by following the Goddess we too can feel passionately about such important issues as health care and its availability to all.

Riane Eisler proposes that recognising the critical importance of “women’s issues” is essential for everyone, women and men, young and old, and that “caring societies” are not only more compassionate but also more economically successful.

Within this book, you will find a broad spectrum of ideas and causes that not only affect women and the poor but affect everyone, everywhere in the world. The book teaches us that it is OK to be passionate about causes that affect us all, that we can have an interest in politics and still be compassionate and caring. This book offers us a new way to worship deity in a compassionate and caring way, as opposed to what the patriarchal teachings have drummed into us for centuries.

The book is very well written, the topics are both thought provoking and enlightening. Each of the authors care very deeply about the issues that they have covered and their offerings are well researched and interesting, and very relevant to the book itself.

If you are looking for a light read or a comprehensive guide to Goddess names and pantheons then this is not the book for you. Admittedly, the book is a little heavy going, but that is to be expected given the topics that are covered. This book is for anyone who cares passionately about the world around them and is looking for an alternative form of worship and way of life.

The Inner Goddess Revolution by Lyn Thurman.

I was approached to review this book by the lovely Lyn Thurman and having worked with Lyn for a little while was only too glad to review her book.

The Inner Goddess Revolution: A practical and Spiritual guide for women who want more from life will be available in paperback from March 27th.  I love Lyn’s writing style, I always feel like I am listening to a good friend, she comes across as warm and enthusiastic about everything she does.  Lyn is passionate about helping other women unlock their true potential and once you pick up your copy of this book you soon get caught up in Lyn’s enthusiasm and this makes reading the book an absolute joy.

The book is full of ideas and suggestions on how to unlock the Goddess within you.  There aren’t really many rules or complicated rituals to follow so the reader can easily begin to unlock her true potential immediately.  Throughout the book Lyn shares with us plenty of personal experiences that lead her to unlock her own inner goddess, changing her from the unhappy person she was to the vibrantly, warm, loving woman we see today.

The tips and suggestions in this book really are so easy to follow, you really do not feel like you have to make too much of an effort to let the real you shine through.  This book is such a joy to read –  I have read plenty of self-help books and quite often I feel like I am being preached at, with Lyn’s easygoing style this certainly is not the case here.

Let Lyn guide you on a journey of self discovery.  The book is packed with plenty of personal anecdotes and information on Goddesses who we can all turn to for inspiration and support whenever we need to.  Lyn has included plenty of facts about Goddesses and plenty of practical tips for you to try.  Lyn tells us that the Inner Goddess may just be our intuition speaking but that is our real, authentic self communicating with us, which is fantastic once you begin to take note of what your true self is trying to say to you and where she is trying to guide you.

What I really loved about Lyn’s book is that it really isn’t pretentious at all.  You really feel as though you are listening to a friend speaking, guiding you to listen to your inner self.  Lyn cares about helping other women unlock their true potential and this is evident in her writing.  You really feel that she wants to help you succeed and that passion for helping others shines through in this book.

The book is big on helping the self, unlike some books from this genre Lyn encourages you to actually take care of yourself and not to feel ashamed or guilty about helping yourself.  Helping yourself to realise your full potential is not a selfish act but rather an act of self-love; as Lyn says, “if you don’t feel the need to save the world, that’s OK, saving your world is just as noble a cause and can benefit the world in the long run.”

I highly recommend that you go out and buy this book, pre-order it NOW, it really is worth the money.  I will be buying my own copy   – I have actually pre-ordered it!  This is one book you will want to keep for yourself and can easily dip back into it time and again on your quest for realising your true potential.

Go out and pre-order it NOW, you won’t be disappointed.

Review of Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit.

Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit is a self help book written by Karen Horneffer – Gunter, Ph.D  and published by Hay House.

Right from the very start of this book I was questioning aspects of my life, which can only be a good thing.  The book takes a flexible approach to the “tools” discussed, allowing the reader to dip into it where they need it most.

The author pinpoints six key shifts and discusses each at length.  The aim is to bring balance into our busy lives in all areas, whether that be work, play, rest, enlightenment and so on.  We are asked to question aspects of ourselves to help bring about positive change within our lives.

The author uses her own life and case histories from her psychology practice to get her point across, giving good examples of how we can achieve the change we seek.  This allows the reader to identify their problems with those who have faced similar problems in life.  It helps, in my opinion, to show that an answer can be sought and all is not lost.
At the end of each section there are plenty of practical things to do, helping the reader put into practice what they are learning and discovering about themselves.

I have read many self help books and found plenty of them to be lacking.  This book is a good source of help upon the road to achieving balance within our overloaded, hectic lives.  If you have tried self help books and found them to be lacking, then I recommend you read this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found out a few things about myself that I wasn’t aware of.  It helped to answer a lot of questions I had been asking myself of late.

Definitely recommend and well worth a read.

Five stars.

Buy your copy here

Brilliant Book Of Calm

Brilliant Book Of Calm: Down To Earth Ideas For Finding Inner Peace In A Chaotic World (52 Brilliant Ideas)  – Author – Tania Ahsan.

My version was free on kindle.

I love self help books, but I have to admit that I rarely follow up on the advice that they give.  The moment I started reading this I actually began to jot down a few of her ideas.  One of my favourites was to have a no news day.  I have been struggling with positivity for some time now and even when I am doing my best to get a grip on it I would find that the news depressed me.  I have a habit of putting the TV on and switching a news channel, muting it, but leaving it on in the background while I go about my business.  Even with no sound the images can be very graphic and play on our emotions, bringing our moods down.  So the idea of a news ban – even if for just one day – was very appealing to me.  I decided to go with a Sunday, initially, as that is the day we do not get a local paper here – I am extremely nosy and did not think I could get by without reading up on what was happening in my local area.
I have to admit this has worked so well for me that I often never put the TV on now unless I am prepared to watch it.  If I feel I need it on, I either have a music channel on very low or will have a sports news channel on – I know it’s news but it is nowhere near as depressing as death, destruction, disease being broadcast at you 24/7.

Another thing that I really loved about this book is the way the author does not take herself too seriously.  I often read self help books and feel as though some of the authors are talking at you rather than giving you tips on how to manage your life.  Tania Ahsan made everything sound such fun and easy to do that I felt compelled to try her tips and ideas out immediately.  I did not feel like a naughty child being scolded, the book came across like a conversation with a good friend, and for me that is the type of self help bok that will kick me into action.

After each tip Tania follows up with “Here’s an idea for you”  which is a way to bring that tip into being for yourself.  This in turn is followed up by a “defining idea” which is a quote that a famous person has said, and then finally, that is followed up by a question and answer relating to that particular tip; where people have struggled to follow her advice and she gives a different viewpoint on the tip, or on how the person has tried to go about incorporating that tip.

The entire book is so laid back and relaxed you almost forget it is self help.  It feels friendly and approachable and is free on kindle right now, so what more could you ask for?  This is one self help book I have thoroughly enjoyed and am having no problem with the ideas and tips on how to improve my life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and cannot recommend it enough. 

A must read!

***** 5 star read!

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